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Dental Implants: The Best Choice for Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a relatively new application in the field of dentistry, at least in terms of how they are used today. An artificial root, these are much more than dentures. Unlike dentures, which can be put in and taken out at will, these applications are put into the gumline permanently, effectively replacing your tooth in a permanent fashion. They are often recommended for patients who otherwise have nearly ideal oral health. That means strong jaws and gums. Perhaps a tooth went missing due to sudden injury. This is the perfect candidate for the treatment.

Saving The Other Teeth

One of the most striking benefits of dental implants is their ability to save and protect the rest of the teeth from problems. Because of the expense, it’s always tempting for patients on a budget to ignore the loss of a tooth. Just simply let it be, especially if it is in the back, out of the way. The problem is that this can lead to shifting among your other teeth. Before you know it, your entire smile has been ruined because of that one missing tooth. Putting an artificial root into the jaw prevents bone disintegration and it keeps the other teeth from crowding in to fill the space.


There are two primary types of dental implants. The first type is called an endosteal application, which means it is inserted into the bone. While they may be further broken down into smaller categories (screws, cylinders, etc.), they are designed to go into the jawbone and act as a root for prosthetic teeth. The other option is a subperiosteal application, which goes on top of the jaw. The posts go through the gum, allowing them to hold on to the artificial tooth. This type is less common, but is still effective under the right circumstances. Patients with insufficient bone height for endosteal applications may be candidates for this.

Patient Confidence

One of the biggest benefits to dental implants is the confidence they impart to their users. Anyone who has had to live with a missing tooth knows how upsetting it can be. People see a big gap in your smile and they assume you’re a poor hillbilly or something. Unfortunately, in a world where dental insurance is often an afterthought, it is becoming an increasingly common sight. Wearing dentures for many people is an impossibility. They can be very tricky to get used to under the best of circumstances. Dental implants have very little “breaking in” period, meaning you can begin enjoying the full effects of a replacement tooth as soon as the area heals.

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