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Selecthealth Health Insurance – For Individuals and Families

SelectHealth utilizes an exclusive network of doctors and hospitals, the Intermountain Healthcare network, which is based in Utah.

Effective Care

The Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare hospitals have received national recognition for quality, affordability, and the effective treatment of serious conditions.

Dental Insurance

Selecthealth offers something most companies in Utah don’t; dental insurance along with their health plans.

Utah Plan Options

Selecthealth offers plans that cover office visits and prescriptions before the deductible, as well as plans with high deductibles that work with health savings accounts.

Doctor Networks

As a customer you have your choice of three different sized doctor networks; SelectValue (doctors primarily in the Salt Lake City area), SelectMed+ (doctors along the Wasatch front – stretching from Ogden to Provo), and SelectCare+ (doctors across the state of Utah). Choosing between sizes of doctor networks is an effective way to manipulate the price of your plan.

Kids Plans

SelectHealth is the only company in Utah to offer a health plan specifically designed for kids under 18. These plans are priced right and are a great option for parents who only need coverage for their children.

Discounts for Members

SelectHealth offers discounts to their health insurance customers on eye wear, lasik eye surgery, health clubs and fitness centers, personal training, drug education, hearing aids, chiropractic, massage therapy, nutritional supplements, spas and a free smoking cessation program.

MyHealth Online Account

SelectHealth members also have access to personal health and plan option information.  This gives members access to pharmacy details, coverage and claims info, cost estimators, insurance education, and health and wellness tools through WebMD.


SelectHealth offers two billing options; automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account, or electronic payments online.


SelectHealth rates their plans on a “single, two-party, family” system.  If you have a three person family, SelectHealth’s rates may seem higher than companies that rate “per person.”

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