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Dental Veneers and Its Effect on Your Oral Health

Dental porcelain laminates or more commonly called as dental veneers are custom made shells which are tightly bonded to your teeth’s enamel for it wonderfully adapt your teeth’s natural color, size, length and shape. It is considered one of dental technology’s major achievements because it allows persons with chipped, broken or gapped teeth gain a perfect white smile within hours.

Advantages of dental veneers

  1. It is a stronger and better aesthetic alternative because dental veneers adapt well to your tooth’s color and shape.
  2. Most veneers, especially that made up of porcelain are stain resistant.
  3. Dental veneers will do magic for you because porcelain veneer’s color can be adjusted to fit your taste especially for cases where you need a whiter you compared to your natural teeth color.
  4. It does not develop any unwanted gum tissue allergic reaction.
  5. It is one of a few procedures which bring a natural tooth appearance.

Disadvantages of dental veneers

  1. The process is irreversible so it is best to ponder on this matter before rushing to your dentist and forcing him to perform the procedure on you.
  2. It is more expensive compared to composite resin bonding. Its price ranges from $500 to $1300 per tooth and is rarely covered by dental insurances.
  3. It is more prone to tooth sensitivity.
  4. It is irreparable so you need to be extra careful with the food that you eat in order to avoid any unwanted cracks and chips on it.
  5. The veneer color is permanent and will not be affected in any way by teeth whitening treatments.
  6. It does not guarantee a hundred percent freedom from tooth decay and plaque.
  7. It is highly possible for it dislodge and fall off especially if the patient is prone to nail biting and the like.

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