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Ways to Keep Your Health Insurance Price Low

If you are not currently covered by a group major medical plan and you need to get individual coverage there are certain things you can do to keep your health insurance price low. The first thing is to do everything that you can to try and stay healthy. Eat healthy foods, so that you can maintain good health. Exercise and keep your weight at a good level. If you let your weight go up too high, you are prone to things like diabetes which can add a lot to your overall health costs.

Another way to keep your health insurance price low is to get a plan with a higher than normal deductible. Rather than having your coverage start after the first $100 of out-of-pocket coverage, you can increase the deductible to $500.00 or $1000.00. Some people go even higher with their deductibles just to lower the premiums they have to pay monthly.

This means that the insurance company would not start covering you until after you have paid out this amount, but it would keep your monthly premium down. One thing to keep in mind with this strategy is that if you do end up having medical expenses, you don’t want to have such a high deductible that you are in trouble financially when an illness or injury occurs.

A third way to keep your health insurance price low is to go without parts of the coverage. If you want to get a comprehensive medical plan with dental insurance and vision coverage, you are going to pay an extremely high premium. If you pay your own dental and vision expenses, this will greatly reduce the amount of your monthly premium also. If you are not going to need maternity coverage, this is another thing you can drop from the plan.

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