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Factors to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

Everybody wants to have a great smile, a smile that can draw people to them. A great smile has been said to be instrumental in helping people achieve their life goals, whether that be landing their dream job or attracting their dream guy or girl. Whatever you may think or feel, a great smile also does wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence. Somehow, pearly whites can make you feel like you can take on anything and anybody without feeling any pain.

However, despite advancements in dental care, there are still those who suffer from tooth loss, mostly caused by tooth decay, periodontal diseases and accidents/injuries. There was a time when the only treatments available for missing teeth where bridges and dentures but in these modern times, dental implants are the best treatment there is.

With an overall success rate reaching up to 95%, it is no surprise that despite it’s quite expensive cost, more and more people are opting for this treatment. Since they fuse with your jawbone, they are considered a permanent solution to missing teeth, not to mention the fact that just like your natural teeth, all you need is to brush and floss daily to take care of them despite the fact that you won’t ever develop cavities in your implants. Also, unlike dentures, they will not affect the neighboring or surrounding teeth and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

You also need to know that there are two types of dental implants: endosteal, which means that the implant is surgically placed in the bone, and subperiosteal, which means the implants are placed on top of the jaw, with the metal framework’s post protruding through the gum to hold the prosthesis. Endosteal implants are the most commonly used type of implants while subperiosteal implants are recommended for those who are unable to wear traditional dentures or have minimal bone height.

Dental implants as well, are used not only for tooth replacement, but also for sinus augmentation and ridge modification. These implants are made of titanium which “fuses” to the jawbone through a process called osseointegration and will take about several months to heal. This process is also the reason why your implants will never slip like dentures or why the chance of developing bone loss is close to nil.

There are also many reasons why you should consider dental implants and first and foremost of which, it can change your appearance. It can also improve your speech, allow you to chew more easily and feel more comfortable because you don’t have to remove them like dentures. If you have healthy gums and are healthy enough to undergo routine extraction then you should qualify for dental implants and this is due to the fact that patients need enough bone to hold the implant.

However, if you are a heavy smoker, have chronic disorders like diabetes and heart disease and have had radiation therapy to the head and neck, then you may want to consider other alternatives. You can still go ahead and check if you can qualify to the procedure though, by speaking or consulting first with your dentist.

And lastly, dental implants are not usually covered by dental insurance but you can go ahead and check if it is covered under your medical plan. Details about coverage and payment options should be discussed thoroughly with your dentist before going ahead with the procedure.

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